Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Every cover I've ever made for the Pixar Detective

So if you've explored this blog at all, you'll notice there is a page dedicated solely to the art I've done for Pixar Detective, and a super long list of covers is probably unnecessary. 

I don't care.

I put these images in order from the last chapter to the first chapter. I did this because I'm a little self conscious of the art that I did when we first started Pixar Detective. I was definitely a different artist back then, and although I strongly feel that a portfolio shouldn't tell the story of how you "got better" as an artist, thats basically what the Pixar Detective is. Its the story of how I learned to draw stories and how Jon learned to write them. We made a lot of obvious mistakes and even skipped a deadline (that was completely my fault) but we finished a weird fan fiction serial novel about original characters existing inside a theory explaining how all the Pixar movies are connected. And people actually liked it. Wow.

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